The UK is a major supplier in the $4.8 million Global Used Clothing Trade. Used Clothing from the UK remains a very popular choice all over the world. Ex-Works Prices per metric ton have reduced considerably over the last 2 years, making UK goods even more affordable for many of the weaker European economies.

Main Types of Collections

Used Clothing in the UK is collected in the following 3 methods:

Door 2 Door Collections (D2D): This is where a collector leaves a Bag outside a Residential Address and requests the household to fill it up with clothing they no longer require.

Rag Bank Collections (RBC): This is where a Household deposits the used clothing into a Rag Bank, and the collector then collects it from the Rag Bank. 

Charity Shop Collections (CSC): This is where a Household personaly takes the clothing to a Charity Shop using bags supplied by the charity organisation. Charity organisations often try to sell some of these clothes through their shops in the UK and sell the rest to the clothes to a Rag Collector who then exports the goods. 

Quality of Collections

Door 2 Door Collections (D2D): Good exporters do not sort this clothing, they sell the clothing as original. Collectors do not remove the high quality (cream) items. D2D collections therefore demand a premium price. 

Rag Bank Collections (RBC): Similar to D2D Collections, good exporters do not sort to remove cream items. However Rag Banks do not tend to have such a high percentage of cream items as D2D Used Clothing.

Charity Shop Collections (CSC): Charity shops usually sort the used clothing and try to sell the best quality items through their shops. They do not always sell all the best quality items and often put unsold items back into charity shop bags to sell to the rag collector. The price of CSC Used Clothing is always cheaper beacuse there is always a chance that some quiality items have been removed by the Charity Organistation to sell in their shop. 

Maxibeat Collections

Maxibeat Ltd collects predominantly from Charity Shops. Our used clothing is regarded as the best in the Charity sector because it has a higher percentage of cream items remaining inside the bags compared to other Charity Used Clothing.