Company Profile

MaxiBeat Ltd is a UK Based Collector and Exporter of Used Clothing (Second Hand Clothing). We have more than 15 years of experience in the Used Clothing Market and we export in excess of 150 tonnes of Quality Used Clothing every Month.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry, together with our expertise in logistics, combined with friendly staff & excellent pre sales and post sales customer support, makes us the preferred supply partner for many large scale importers around the world.


We have a well-established European customer base. We predominantly focus on clients in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Italy and the Czech Republic. Outside of Europe we service importers in Dubai and Lebanon. We also export Shoes to various African Countries.

Quality of Goods

Our used clothing is amongst the highest quality Charity Shop Collections in the UK & the most competitively priced in the market. Although our goods are not Original Street Collections, our quality is far superior to that of other Charity Shop Collections and even some Door to Door Collections. Our competative prices allow importers to blend goods and improve their profit margins without compromising on quality.

Our long-term experience and continuous repeat orders from our numerous importers in Europe, Africa & the Middle East, support our claim of being the favoured supplier for quality goods & great value for money.

We invite all new customers to come and inspect the quality for themselves at our warehouse in Stowmarket, United Kingdom. We can assist with invitation letters for visa applications where necessary.


MaxiBeat cooperates with a large number of respectable Charities in the UK. We collect Used Clothing exclusively from the affluent parts of Greater London and its surrounding areas. The quality of goods from these regions is often of a far better quality than those collected from other parts of the UK.

Minimum Orders

We specialise in selling quality bulk goods in high volumes at extra low prices.

We therefore recommend loading a minimum of 7-10 tons per consignment to be cost effective, however smaller quantities of 1 ton and over can be collected for sample purposes. All collections would need to be made from our Warehouse based in Stowmarket, Suffolk. UK.